Took a little longer …

So, the last time I posted, we were in Florida packing like crazy in tee shirts and shorts. It is now 16 days later. We have been in North Carolina for just over a week and for eight of the nine days the temperatures have stayed below freezing. It’s a new record for the area.

I’m not complaining; it is simply a fact. I am grateful that we are up here in a new home that we are slowly putting together. The last time I lived in a dwelling with stairs was 1991 … just think of this as a large stairmaster; I am sure that everything will work out. The best part is, I can’t just throw a towel over it and ignore it. Exercise. Getting fit. 

These are common New Year’s resolutions, but do we ever extend them into our spiritual lives? That is my challenge with John Bunyon’s Pilgrim’s Progress. This is a wonderful allegorical tale. At the start of the dream, the Pilgrim finds himself uncertain of what to do. He has read the Book and he knows that there will be condemnation and judgment. It is when he encounters Evangelist that he gets his first glimpse of what to do. 

Even as someone who has been raised in a “church-going” family, I recognize and thank God for the “Evangelists” in my life that have provided a new perspective grounded in Truth. So, as I continue to prepare this blog, I am ever aware that this life we live is an opportunity to establish a relationship with our Creator and Savior through His Holy Spirit. Do not rely on what I say and do not rely on John Bunyon; rely on the Holy Spirit, for He alone is your teacher. (John 16: 13 – 15)

This blog will be a process … I had a plan, but it is clear that God is in control.


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