The blessing of trials and tribulations

Have you ever followed doors that have opened only to find yourself in a new, different type of challenge? Lisa and I have followed the doors that God has clearly opened to us. Yet, the first week was incredibly cold and this past week Lisa has fought an upper respiratory infection. In the meantime, we are in a new place. No familiar surroundings (though, having a Publix close by does help), no friends close by … had to find a new doctor for Lisa right away.

Lisa is getting better (is actually up and about today) and we are getting to know people. Here’s the “thing”: when we are in the unfamiliar, when we are weak … He is strong. Those moments when we take “our hands off the wheel” and choose to allow the Holy Spirit to lead; those are Holy moments, opportunities to encounter God.

As I continue to prepare the framework for this blog based on John Bunyon’s Pilgrim’s Progress, I am challenged by the quandry that faces Pilgrim (aka Christian). Our allegorical hero has to make a difficult decision about his wife and children. They perceived his warnings as nonsense, the signs and talk of a delusional man. The path he chose was to pursue after the hope offered by Evangelist. He left everything behind; his family, everything familiar – to pursue this hope. A hope made possible by the Book he had read and made tangible by Evangelist. 

Now that we are starting to unpack and set things up, I too can restart my study of the Book. The tremendous element that Bunyon uses in this allegory is scripture references. God’s word provides God’s perspective and Bunyon’s allegorical elements explore our interactions in relationship to God. I look forward to exploring and deepening my relationship with God as we continue this journey.



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