In the beginning …

Focus Scripture: Genesis 1:1

After praying about the obstacles I was facing trying to start a comprehensive blog on Pilgrim’s Progress, I realized that I was trying to force it. I had been trying to create. After further prayer, I realized He is calling me to blog through the Pentateuch. I don’t know why and I don’t know what this will look like when it is done.

So, I will do my best to thoughtfully, prayerfully journal/blog my way through the first five books of the Bible. The focus verse this week is the first verse of the whole Bible. It is the foundation, “In the beginning God created ….”

We are living in a time where we really need to come back to this very simple truth. I did not make it; in fact, based on some of my creations, that’s a really good thing. I acknowledge and celebrate that God is our Creator, the Author of life.
I truly hope that you will join me on this Advent.ure.

In Christ’s Name –



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