Focus Scripture: Genesis 1:2 – 31

As I read this first chapter, the primeval history – the creation story, I became aware of the word “separate”. I have never stopped to think about how much of the creation story is about separation. It makes perfect sense, though; but, we’ll get back to that.
Personally, I love the cadence and imagery of the Creation Story. It is such a familiar story … “God says let there be light.” That seems to set everything in motion. “There was evening and there was morning ….” Right out of the gate, He separated the light and the dark. The second day He separated Heaven and Earth. The next day He separated the land and seas.

The next three days He populated what He created; the fourth day He placed the sun, moon and stars in the sky – then the seasons were established. The birds and fish were created for the skies and water. All of the land animals were created on the sixth day and out of man, God created woman.

Separating for His purpose through His discernment. So, why does this emphasis on separation make sense? God’s Holiness. God is Holy and we, too, are to be Holy (Leviticus 11:44). My other “take-away” is from “and there was evening and there was morning ….” Christ was born in the evening; He was resurrected in the morning. Hmmmm …

In Christ’s Name –


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