The Holiness of Rest

Focus Scripture: Genesis 2:1 – 25

The second chapter of Genesis can get a lot of people “up in arms.” Personally, I have always found it to be filled with beautiful imagery. At the beginning of the chapter God rests after He has completed His Creation and declares a Sabbath.

Let’s just pause right there. God rests and declares that rest Holy. All too soon (next time) we will “jump into” sin entering our equation. But this right now is how “it was supposed to be”; God’s intent. The ultimate relationship between Creator and created. Of course, God’s rest is still Holy. Complete and perfect harmony.

When circumstances are clearly beyond my control; these days, I defer to God. There are many beautiful names for God. The one that is used in Exodus during His conversation with Moses always brings me back to the second chapter of Genesis – “I Am the Great I Am.” Having studied French many years ago, I learned how to conjugate verbs. “I am” is the first person singular of the verb: to be. So when we address God in the second person, we say, “You Are” – or – we speak of Him in the third person, “He Is.”

That’s my point. He IS!! So, this moment where God has declared His creation Holy – it is perfect. He has created the light, the earth, the heavens, the land, the waters, the birds, the fish, every living creature. He has made Man and chosen to make a companion for Man, whom Man calls Woman. In many wedding ceremonies, Genesis 2:24 is frequently quoted, “For this cause a man shall leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” (NASB)

At this point in time, there is no shame, no sin, nothing is spoiled. When I enter into my personal time of devotion, this is the place I yearn for. To have that pure, honest, trust-filled relationship with my Lord, Creator and Savior.
In Christ’s Name –


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